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Robyn with a ~"Y" is an imaginative whimsical character, based on the look and personality of the artist. ....  a character who feels she's special in the comfort of her own reality and just as deserving of all of life's extras.  The idea was born  on Christmas night 2009, with a close group of friends having a glass of wine at the dining room table... Denis, Robyn's husband  was discussing the expenses of Christmas when Robyn suddenly felt ambushed by her husband and defending herself , before she realized what she was about to say said, sarcastically  : "Do you know how expensive it is to be me?!"  with that, a burst of laughter came roaring out of the room and the saying was born... 

 They all continued to joke around about the comment for the next few months, until the idea of creating a character came up. One summer morning Robyn sat out on her back deck with her daughter Emily, a sketch book,  pencil and a cup of coffee to design the character.  With the first stroke of the pencil, she made the head of Robyn with a "Y" and  both of them instantly agreed that would be her signature face! ..a few more designs of what she would wear and adding some bling to her outfit with swarovski crystals and she was born.

She began with her hand painted wine glasses that are individual created and designed with custom colors that are cured for 24 hours and then heat set to help keep them scratch resistant, and hand washable. Then each swarovski crystal is individually applied to make the finishing touch.

Then she continued on to women's shirts. The fabric of the shirt had to be comfortable, soft, and easy to care for. She made the templates for the screen printer and chose her colors for the shirts.  Then she individually added each swarovski crystal to every one of them.

Robyn with a "Y" is an evolving character, watch her as she continues to grow.

RobYnWitha-Y~Robyn Spindler ~

Do You Know How Expensive It Is To Be Me?!